In this Ultimate Motor Oil Manual I'm Going to Teach You ...

"Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Motor Oil But Didn't Know Who to Ask"

Get the knowledge needed to make YOUR OWN choices regarding motor oil & filters, without relying on someone else's opinion.

The Motor Oil Bible

And, just to be clear, I'm NOT going to sell you on any particular brand or type of oil and/or filter. EVERY application is different. Every driver is different and has different goals for their vehicles and for the lubrication and filtration of those vehicles.

No ONE OIL TYPE OR BRAND can ever be right for everyone. So, instead of TELLING you which oil you should use, I'm going to teach you how YOU CAN KNOW which oil and filter is right for YOUR vehicles and equipment.

"The Motor Oil Bible" was originally written about 15 years ago and has been updated a couple of times since. The previous update was about 170 pages long, but is now nearly 10 years old and quite outdated.

This latest update and expansion adds nearly 200 pages of additional content to the book, with updates to the rest. Literally, thousands of hours of research, experience and writing have gone into this latest volume.

This latest updated is ONLY AVAILABLE at


Wow! When I first got a copy of your book "The Motor Oil Bible" I thought to myself how boring is this going to be....a book about motor oil. I have to admit not only did I read it cover to cover but you taught me many new things I have not heard of before in my 20+ years in the auto repair industry. My grandfather opened a large 35 bay auto repair and collision shop back in 1937 in Houston, Texas.

Auto repair and all things related have been in my blood all my life. I thought I had seen and heard just about every gimmick and "scam" there is in our industry, and I have always recommended the standard 3,000 mile oil change to my customers basically because that is what was taught to me and what the "quick lube" industry has brainwashed the American public to believe in.

I also wrote my own book years ago to expose many of the myths, scams and truths related to my industry, and I currently own and operate 2 large auto repair related websites that receive over 8,000 visitors a day each. I am amazed at how many email questions and horror stories I receive on a daily basis related to the mistrust and disinformation about the repair industry. I applaud your time and wisdom you have put into your book to help educate the public.

Not only have you done a great job at convincing me to rethink my old habits but have also opened my eyes to the reasons behind extended oil change period and the use of better oils and synthetic oils. Even I, an "auto repair professional," tend to buy engine oil based on brand name and price more than on quality and performance characteristics, mainly because I never really understood what the viscosity numbers and oil types really meant. After reading your book I now have a much better understanding as to what engine oil does, how it is made, what the different types of oil are, and how synthetic oil and conventional oils differ.

I am pretty much a "just give me the facts" type of guy, and your book was very easy to understand and navigate. I found myself going back to a few chapters later on and re-reading them to make sure I fully understood your examples of how they process engine oil and what the viscosity numbers we see printed on the side of the oil bottle really mean. I hate to admit it, but what I had been told and what I was telling my customers about what those numbers (i.e., 10W-40) really mean was not entirely correct. Thanks for educating me.

I recommend this book to anyone who drives a car and who participates in the oil change process, by either changing the oil yourself or paying a mechanic to do it for you. You should read this ebook.

Austin Davis
Consumer Advocate


For years I have been in the dark about motor oils. Not knowing what the truth was or how to interpret oil test results. After reading the Motor Oil Bible I consider myself an expert on the subject and I am quite often the center of conversation on the subject.

I was able to make an educated decision on the oils to use in my cars and I feel quite confident I have chosen the best.

Thanks, Michael, for this fabulous material.

Ronald C. Berry - Bethel Park, PA

The Motor Oil Bible was extremely informative, answering the questions I had about how long a car can REALLY go between oil changes, not just what the owners manual says. I changed the oil in my PT Cruiser to a brand of synthetic oil guaranteed to last 1 year or 25,000 miles, and installed a high-quality oil filter.

I immediately noticed increases in gas mileage and power. Now, when I accelerate quickly, I no longer hear the engine struggling. Instead, it sounds smooth. I am only afraid my brakes may not last as long, because my car coasts so well now! I can hardly wait to see the difference when I get my new air filter!

I hope to drive my PT Cruiser for 3 or 4 hundred thousand miles.

David Montane - Decatur, Georgia

Outstanding analysis of the functions and relative qualities of motor oil, oil filters, and air filters. This ebook was the basis for my decision to pursue extended-drain motor oil use and premium filtration products. It was a real eye-opener how people are settling for less, handing over their hard-earned cash for inferior protection of what is, for some, their largest investment.

Time will tell if the extended drain, superior filtration program makes my cars (a Chevrolet and a Volvo) last the mean time I am happy to be doing my part to minimize the hazardous waste problem we are all facing. I have switched to long-life engine coolant as well, and I think OAT (organic acid technology) should be mandatory to reduce our consumption and disposal of ethylene glycol too.

I have especially appreciated the empirical nature of the "Motor Oil Bible" e-book - I didn't feel like Mr. Kaufman made bogus claims to support his's hard to argue with the numbers. The problem I think is that most people just don't care enough about machinery to do a little research on the benefits of long-life synthetics, and the oil companies/quick-lube companies should be ashamed for pushing us to keep using a marginal product and buy more and more of it just because it's cheaper in the very short run.

We have the technology we need to improve our environment and make our cars last longer...thanks Mike, for getting the word out. You will always be fighting a battle as long as the auto industry has incentive for our cars to die early. I thought I was the only one who has been thinking about this!

Matthew Smith - Ledyard, CT

I was amazed at how little I actually knew about the "life blood" of my engines! You are providing a great service to all who are lucky enough to find your website. The price you ask is little to pay for the wealth of information you provide. I hope you continue to "flesh out" your most useful work and perhaps provide an updated comparison appendix as you receive more information. I am very pleased!

Ray N. Ward - Warren, PA

Mike, I was really impressed with the info. in your book!! I am a very meticulous person who loves to learn and know the facts about things, I have done all types of mechanical things my entire life, and would recommend your book to anyone.

Derek Walker - Texas

Hi Mike,

Your "Motor Oil Bible" was great!! I downloaded it and feel it was one of the best buys I ever made. Following the information you provided I changed to ****** Synthetic's on all my vehicle's and boat (351 Ford inboard/outboard).

The conversion in my 454 Chevy Work Horse Fleetwood (Pace Arrow Vision-36 FT.) motor home alone has increased my gas mileage by almost 10% and believe me this is a real benefit. This alone, in a very short time will pay for the "Motor Oil Bible" and the initial expense for all the oil changes. Thanks again for this "must know" information.

William Jesse Mayfield, Sr.
A very satisfied customer!!!

This book is a "must have" for any individual, company, or automotive - truck service provider. The factual and technical data is easy for the layman to understand, and the information is up-to-date.

This work will bring the reader out of the 19th century of refined petroleum lubricants and into the 21st century of engineered lubricants. Don't leave home without it!

Will Miller - Largo, FL

I found the ... book very informative. In fact, I couldn't "put it down" until I had finished even though it was well past my ideal bedtime.

This book contains information that every vehicle owner should know.

Richard Morra - Mississauga, ON

I found the motor oil bible to be most informative and instructional. I highly recommend it's purchase.

James Bucci - Boothwyn, PA


This web site and the purchase I made were exactly what I had been looking for. Most mechanics and articles I had read were very non-committal on the benefits of synthetic motor oils. In fact, their statements seemed to suggest that they knew very little about the topic. The Motor Oil Bible provided me with all of the detailed information I had been seeking.


Doug Carroll - Sandy, Utah

After seeing all the confusion over oil changes and synthetics on web forums, I've saved the link to the ebook site so that all can learn. Great product; highly recommended reading.

Tim Kessler - Crosby, ND

Good Morning Mike,

I gave you another very happy customer last night. I just happened to be surfing Ebay last night, and ran across a guy who was selling his 1999 Mustang Cobra. In his sales ad he stated how he only used Motorcraft oil and filters. So I told him to check out your oil bible.

He wrote back about an hour or so later, and the first word he said to me was WOW! He said everyone should have a copy... I just wanted you to know that I truly love your oil bible and am very happy with it, and will continue to pass it along in anyway I can. Thank You once again for ... caring about your customers.

D. M. - CT

I would recommend the book to any person interested in car care and saving money. Well written. Well worth the price.

Fred Elias Jr. - Warren, MI

I love the Motor Oil Bible ebook and it's contents.

Mike has done a fantastic job with it's contents and I have shared the link with many other coworkers.

A+++! Great job!

-Steve McRuiz


Your work deserves some gratitude from all of us out there in virtual world.

It's well written without being too heavy but yet most technical details are there.

Keep up your good work.

Tony - Singapore

I have had the Motor Oil Bible for quite a while. It is a very informative resource and takes the hype and mystery out of selecting quality oils and filters. I have a Toyota with 275,000 trouble free miles thanks to the guidance of the Motor Oil Bible!

Great book! All the typical questions answered, and more. I have had my eyes opened to many angles about oil I never suspected mattered. Many myths have been shattered by means of clear, straightforward explanations, and also by personal replies to written inquiries.

Thanks, Michael.

Rolando Lequeux - Boca Raton, Florida.

The Motor oil bible had all those hard to find facts in the one place... so rather than referring people to multiple places you can now use just the one reference.

It's hard to find someone who takes oils seriously, knows enough about oils to give you good advice and to offer unbiased advice. The Motor Oil Bible and Evaluator are good tools for getting both generic and specific info about oils.

Michael Czajka
Sunshine, Victoria, Australia

B App Sc (Chemistry)... last semester
Dip Ed
B Bus Accounting
Grad Dip Bus Comp
Dip App Sc Nursing

Thank you Mike for your reply. I am not too sharp on computer and I found your MOB in my junk file. Once I approved it and moved it it was fine. I am also very interested in oil and you have answered so many questions for me.

I am using ****** already, and now I know why it doesn't need as much additives. (for one thing) Thank you again, and put me in your very satisfied customer category. I am only part way through the reading and I am keeping notes on some of it. This is one of the best things I have purchased for myself.


I originally purchased Mikes e-book many years ago. I had wanted information on engine oil, but I couldn't find much on the internet.

I stumbled onto the Oil Bible and initially hesitated. I thought that it may just be another internet ploy. I mean, who hasn't be caught up in one yet. Anyway...after much thought, I went ahead and purchased it. WOW...what a wealth of information! After reading the book I actually felt smart, and I prided myself as a oil guru now.

The best thing about this book is that it opened my eyes to extended oil change intervals. I read with GREAT skepticism! I mean, going over 3k on a oil change is just crazy...right?!

I took a leap of faith and tried it, and I can tell you honestly, that I will NEVER go back to 3k oil changes. Just another big rip off from the oil companies.

I've had 3 trucks since reading Mikes book and have practiced extended oil changes. None of them EVER had any problems related to the engine. That alone was worth the purchase of the book and that doesn't even count the many hours saved doing the oil changes!

Buy the book, soak it in and walk away an oil guru!

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"The Motor Oil Bible" is by far the most comprehensive, must-read lube and filter information ever integrated into a simple, easy to read format for the average motorist. But, in no way am I saying this information is only for beginners. Competent mechanics and engineers will benefit as well.

As a Lubrication Specialist and Automotive Engineer with 17 years experience in the auto and lubrication industries (14 of them with a major automotive manufacturer), I believe "The Motor Oil Bible" is an absolute essential for every vehicle owner. You simply won't find a more complete yet easy to understand resource for learning all you need to know about lubrication and filtration.

David Mann

"The Motor Oil Bible" - Current Price: $17

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BTW - EVERY CUSTOMER that has ever requested a refund from me has receive it - in full. If you don't like my book, I don't want your money.

Thank you,

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